On Polytheism: Thoughts and Clarifications

To say my last post caused a bit of a stir is something of an understatement.  I had expected it might garner more response than my previous posts to that point, but I underestimated the extent to which it would be shared, commented upon and otherwise discussed.  What I’ve noticed, though, is that there were a few misunderstandings of my position, which I would like to clarify; moreover, I would like to address the elephant in the room that is polytheism itself.

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Paganism Isn’t Dying; It’s (Finally) Maturing

There’s been some discussion of late in the pagan blogosphere as to whether contemporary paganism is dying.  I think the answer to that is a clear, obvious, and resounding “No,” but more than that, I think it’s important to address what I believe is happening to paganism.  I believe that yes, as John Halstead and Mat Auryn state, paganism is changing.  But where they see it pulled apart by entropic forces or hijacked by hostile ones, I rather see a different direction to the flow.  Paganism is finally starting to take the first incremental steps to emerge from its overlong adolescence.

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On Hearth Cult: The Wīgbed

I received a few questions from friends after my Easter post last week about the specifics of my hearth practice, in particular, the details regarding my altar, or wīgbed.  This post will cover the basic details, as well as a few changes I’ve made recently.  In the future, I’ll likely do a similar post on my Kemetic practice; for the time being, I intend to keep posts on each of my respective traditions largely separated.  In the meantime, on to the description of my altar and how it factors into my practice.

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Eostresdæg at Grennung Hund Heorþ

Part of this blog’s purpose for existing is to provide some (somewhat superficial) documentation of my hearth practice. I believe that it’s a subject too often neglected in modern heathenry; there’s something of a taboo placed upon the discussion of it in many circles, I’ve found. I think that’s understandable enough, the privacy of the home is sacrosanct, to be sure. At the same time, I think that visible examples of what one’s hearth cult can look like in practice can be instrumental in allowing the less experienced or less confident deepen and expand their practice. If I’m able to help with that, all the better.

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A Tex-Kemetic Myth: Sekhmet’s Wrath

Preface: As some who already know me are aware, part of the way I come to reckon/shape the regionalization of my practice is to fashion myths shaped by where I live. This is an example of that, and my first adaptation of a Kemetic myth, the story of Sekhmet’s vengeful assault on humanity. Since it’s relevant to my hearth practice, it seems worthy of posting here, so to any readers, enjoy.

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On “Earth-Based Religions”

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, a few people have told me that I should, many others have told me “Oh Gods, please don’t.” The latter concerns have been pushed aside, because a blog post that I read today struck me as having missed the mark so badly that I could not remain quiet about it. Fair warning: I have no pretty pictures to share and my formatting is gonna be lackluster ’til I get used to this.

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Why This Blog Exists

I am Hrafnblod, at least, that is the handle I’m known by on the internet, by and large. Those who frequent the pagan spheres of Reddit may be aware of me, others may not. We’ll see if that changes.

This blog exists for the same essential reason that any other blog exists: I needed somewhere to post shit. It will be updated irregularly, likely infrequently, and mostly when something gets my hackles up and I need to say my piece on a subject. This blog will be adversarial as often as not, perhaps more often than not, but I do hope that it can ultimately be constructive in its criticisms.

Sometimes I’ll probably post stories, myths and the like. Other times it’ll just be bitching. I’ve never taken a crack at this blogging thing before. Strap in, folks, it’s gonna be a… probably one of them lazy river rides, really.

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