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Heathenry’s Theodish Problem: Sex Abuse, Bigotry and the Primacy of the Tribe

The problem with initiatory traditions, particularly mystery traditions, is that they’re susceptible to abuse and the sheltering of abusive individuals.  This is a problem that Wicca has grappled with for decades and that, from what I can see as an … Continue reading

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Sutekh and the Black Land

To the west were the great spires of stone, black and grey and red, scraping at the sky with their great peaks.  To the east were the great swamps and the vast woods, stretching off to the sea, spanned by … Continue reading

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A Tribute to the Double Mountain

The river’s rust and manborne wood, Chimera’s curse is spoken The anvil of the gods is gone The swords of giants high and long Rake skies that weep, the wind to reap And Erebor is broken The dragon’s gone, the … Continue reading

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On Hearth Cult: Kemetic Edition

I did a post a while back on my Germanic altar, and have been meaning ever since to do one on my Kemetic altar, only to get caught up in all manner of nonsense in the meantime.  Being that I … Continue reading

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Another Tex-Regional Myth: The Birth of Pecos Bill

Something of an outgrowth of the last post, this venturing more into short-story form, and going backward a bit in our protagonist’s timeline, since I expect there may be more where this came from. For those few of you who … Continue reading

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A Short Culmination of What’s Been On My Mind

Yes, I realize this is totally cheating as a blog post. I don’t care.

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On Polytheism: Thoughts and Clarifications

To say my last post caused a bit of a stir is something of an understatement.  I had expected it might garner more response than my previous posts to that point, but I underestimated the extent to which it would … Continue reading

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Paganism Isn’t Dying; It’s (Finally) Maturing

There’s been some discussion of late in the pagan blogosphere as to whether contemporary paganism is dying.  I think the answer to that is a clear, obvious, and resounding “No,” but more than that, I think it’s important to address … Continue reading

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On Hearth Cult: The Wīgbed

I received a few questions from friends after my Easter post last week about the specifics of my hearth practice, in particular, the details regarding my altar, or wīgbed.  This post will cover the basic details, as well as a … Continue reading

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Eostresdæg at Grennung Hund Heorþ

Part of this blog’s purpose for existing is to provide some (somewhat superficial) documentation of my hearth practice. I believe that it’s a subject too often neglected in modern heathenry; there’s something of a taboo placed upon the discussion of … Continue reading

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