Meanwhile in Theodism (It’s still shitty)

I’ve been pretty bad about updating this, I know. Life or something.

But a few months ago Thorbeorht Linleah, un-noted theodsman and dubious scholar of Seaxneat, wrote a post in response to my older highlight on the abusive and bigoted nature of Theodism that effectively amounted to “#notalltheodsmen.” I was going to link to that post, but in the long tradition of heathens owning their words in accordance with their stated values, Thorbeorht seems to have taken it down, so I can only provide a screencap of WordPress’s notification I got.

Also in the grand tradition of heathenry, Thorbeorht has recently decided to disavow “postmodernism” in Heathenry, quoting C.S. Lewis of all fucking people to back up his argument, in favor of the more pure traditions of the theodish expression of Anglo-Saxon ethnic religion, using language pretty much straight out of McNallen’s big book of “I swear I’m not a racist buuut…” and has gone on to migrate from the aggressively “SJW” outlet of Facebook in favor of the free speech-centered outlet that hardly anyone who isn’t alt-right seems to use, Minds.

Truly, the world is full of surprises.

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