Your Highly Irregular PSA Re: Bigots in Heathenry

I’ve been away from blogging for like, months. I am trash at running a blog, that much is clear; in fairness I’ve been transitioning to living in Poland which, as it turns out, is like… A bit different from Texas. Part of it is just that I don’t have a lot to blog about that’s pagan-relevant though and I just have not felt like writing in the last while.

That said, I feel like for my relatively few followers it’s worth noting: r/Asatru, whose moderators I took a few shots at in my great book of grudges some months back, who pointedly argue “we are not affiliated with White Marsh Theod beyond one member of our team” has now invited a second member of White Marsh and noted transphobic thrall of one Forvrin to moderate on their subreddit along with Theod-worshiper/possible member/who-keeps-track-of-this-Habsburg-family-tree-anymore Mark Stone.

For those keeping score, that means that heathenry’s largest community on reddit is run by pedophile defending bigots which will come as little surprise to like… Anybody familiar with Reddit. Truly this is the heathen renaissance. You know, because there’s so many more dicks on public display.

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1 Response to Your Highly Irregular PSA Re: Bigots in Heathenry

  1. Rick Barron says:

    They could save a lot of time by just locking the sub with a permanent message to telling everyone to read “Culture of the Teutons”.


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