Steven McNallen, The Wotan Network, and How Is This Guy Still Around Even

Steven McNallen, dubious Asatruar of more dubious fame as former head of the racist-as-fuck Asatru Folk Assembly, recently announced his new project, “The Wotan Network.”  In the regrettable video in which this was announced, the old coot has eschewed any real pretense of paganism and has effectively opened the door to anyone of any religion (because he’s such an accepting guy) so long as they’re sufficiently willing to contribute to the fight to preserve the white race (oh, wait).

While I wait for Mr. McNallen’s inevitable appointment to a staff position in the White House following this announcement, a few thoughts are bouncing around my head.  Why do people even still listen to this guy?  How is he still around?  Why is it never these kinds of people who succumb to dementia or something like that, instead of incredible, moral and upstanding people like my great grandma?  What ever happened to Steve to make him such a cunt?

Most importantly of all, though, over all of that, is one thing: Oh my god you are the worst ever why will you not just fucking crawl in a hole and never come out again you are like the worst racist old uncle in the history of racist old uncles why is your search history nothing but “hot gaping Stormfront bukkake.”

You suck, McNallen.  Go away.

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7 Responses to Steven McNallen, The Wotan Network, and How Is This Guy Still Around Even

  1. Well said. I still need to watch the video and write something and just haven’t been able to get myself to do so.


  2. UKunt says:

    you’re a fucking idiot. Racist? Will go to the whitehouse? You are fucking moron. I’ll make sure there ‘s none of your kind involved with any pagan groups i might join (as in, no fucking hippies!)


  3. Bll says:

    The existence of our people is not negotiable. You support policies that are wiping out Whites in their countries, that makes you the racist.


  4. lucid says:

    its bigoted to disagree with white people who dont wish to race mix.


  5. Fimbulthul says:

    Another wearing raiments of old,
    espousing the tenets of the new.
    Technocrats wrapped up
    in the tendrils of godlessness.
    Raven’s blood flies far
    from within your veins.
    Yes, my friend, indeed
    you’re certainly fáinn.


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