A Short Culmination of What’s Been On My Mind

Yes, I realize this is totally cheating as a blog post. I don’t care.

Out of the wilds and into the town
The wandering cowboy rides,
Dust on his trail and dust in the wind
With a six-gun at his side

The sign of the serpent’s upon him
And he whistles the jackal’s tune
The mark of Anpu in his bright eyes
And the whipcrack of Thunder comes soon

All around him, the streets, they lay silent
The tumbleweeds laze in cliché
The hawk-towed sun reaches its summit
He hears the churn of the steel-dragons’ sway

Westward the empire’s inroads
Have run long, and run down below
Though empire’s tumbling to ruin
Unaware of demise creeping slow

A dusty old tavern bids welcome
And the son of Anpu steps within
Some old off-key piano drawls dirges
For those left who have outlived their sin

He walks to the counter and orders
Cries pardon, his whistle to wet
And the barkeep draws out some old spirit
Saved for good times he’d rather forget

The wealth of the world ‘neath the floorboards
Some old dragon’s hoard in the earth
While the hot sun above shows its anger
The wyrms long since enraged in rebirth

So the Thunderson empties his tumbler
Turns and goes back to his road
In the town where an Empire’s ending
Ruins begun in the living abodes

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