Why This Blog Exists

I am Hrafnblod, at least, that is the handle I’m known by on the internet, by and large. Those who frequent the pagan spheres of Reddit may be aware of me, others may not. We’ll see if that changes.

This blog exists for the same essential reason that any other blog exists: I needed somewhere to post shit. It will be updated irregularly, likely infrequently, and mostly when something gets my hackles up and I need to say my piece on a subject. This blog will be adversarial as often as not, perhaps more often than not, but I do hope that it can ultimately be constructive in its criticisms.

Sometimes I’ll probably post stories, myths and the like. Other times it’ll just be bitching. I’ve never taken a crack at this blogging thing before. Strap in, folks, it’s gonna be a… probably one of them lazy river rides, really.

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