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On Hearth Cult: The Wīgbed

I received a few questions from friends after my Easter post last week about the specifics of my hearth practice, in particular, the details regarding my altar, or wīgbed.  This post will cover the basic details, as well as a … Continue reading

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Eostresdæg at Grennung Hund Heorþ

Part of this blog’s purpose for existing is to provide some (somewhat superficial) documentation of my hearth practice. I believe that it’s a subject too often neglected in modern heathenry; there’s something of a taboo placed upon the discussion of … Continue reading

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A Tex-Kemetic Myth: Sekhmet’s Wrath

Preface: As some who already know me are aware, part of the way I come to reckon/shape the regionalization of my practice is to fashion myths shaped by where I live. This is an example of that, and my first … Continue reading

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On “Earth-Based Religions”

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, a few people have told me that I should, many others have told me “Oh Gods, please don’t.” The latter concerns have been pushed aside, because a blog post that I read today struck me as having missed the mark so badly that I could not remain quiet about it. Fair warning: I have no pretty pictures to share and my formatting is gonna be lackluster ’til I get used to this. Continue reading

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Why This Blog Exists

I am Hrafnblod, at least, that is the handle I’m known by on the internet, by and large. Those who frequent the pagan spheres of Reddit may be aware of me, others may not. We’ll see if that changes. This … Continue reading

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